Hot Car Deaths:

The gift of life, or an unfortunate happenstance?

Hot Car Death

The miracle of childbirth. Engaging in a simple act of intimacy can bring new life into the world. The life of a newborn baby is the greatest miracle of the human experience.

The future is uncertain for any child, but with the proper care and guidance from loving parents, the possibilities are endless.

Some parents endeavor to have children, but they cannot, so they choose to adopt. For others their unwanted child is just a burden, an unfortunate happenstance.

Hot car deaths from innocent children being left in a car by their caretaker in the height of summer seems to happen more and more often.

We hear about seemingly intelligent, responsible adults strapping their child into a car seat before taking them to daycare or elsewhere, and “forgetting” them in their vehicle while they go to work, or shopping.

These people have just essentially killed their own child. It wasn’t a pleasant humane death for the helpless innocent child either. It was akin to torture.

Even during modest summer temperatures in the 80’s outside, the temperature can easily climb to 130 degrees inside the vehicle with the sun beating down on it.

The body’s natural cooling method, sweating, will shut down once the core body temperature reaches 104 degrees. Death can occur at 107 degrees.

Imagine the event unfolding from the point of view of the child left absent mindedly strapped into a car seat by a preoccupied thoughtless parent.

The child was left alone in the car and the temperature inside quickly climbed to over 120 degrees as the morning sun beat down relentlessly upon the vehicle.

The child started to sweat profusely, and cried out in distress begging and pleading for help from their parent. Help that would never come.

Even convicted felons sentenced to death do not die in such an inhumane horrific way.

Eventually these parents nonchalantly return to their vehicle and “discover” that they left their child inside.

These uncaring parents who couldn’t be bothered with remembering the life of their own child because they had much more important things to focus their attention on such as how to get past the next level of Candy Crush, believe someone else was at fault for the death of their child.

Most often the blame is focused on the car maker for failure to include a warning device to notify them that the child was still in the vehicle. What they fail to realize is that every vehicle already has such a warning device.

It’s the brain of the care taker who put them in the car in the first place!!!

Sorry you intellectual Neanderthals, but the car maker didn’t put your child in the car and leave them there, you did. How is it anybody else’s responsibility but yours to make sure your child is not left there.

Some will chalk it up to forgetfulness, and declare it a simple mistake.

According to Janna Day, with Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, a child dies from heatstroke in a vehicle every 10 days.

Day educates parents about child car safety.

"That, I think, is our knee-jerk reaction when we hear about a vehicular heat stroke ... 'How can this happen? How can a parent or a caregiver forget their baby?'" she said. "But research has shown that about 50 percent of the time, it truly is that a parent or a caregiver has forgotten. It's not malicious.”

I don’t know what research she refers to, but if 50 percent of the time it is forgetfulness, does this mean the other 50 percent of the time it is cold blooded murder?

Let’s not forget Justin Ross Harris who was convicted of malice murder among other charges for the June 18, 2014 death of his 22 month old son Cooper, who was left to die an agonizing death after being left in a vehicle for 7 hours in the summer heat. Read about it here...

Is it truly forgetfulness? People will claim that if it is not part of their normal routine it is easy to forget.

I do not normally win the lottery when I play, but if I did you can believe I would not forget to collect my winnings, and neither would they.

Remembering to collect lottery winnings, no problem. Remembering they left a child in their car… ”Child??? What child?... oh yeah.”

We don’t need warning devices in cars to stop people from leaving their children inside, we just need a law to make it illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

Make it illegal to torture and kill an innocent child, what a concept. Mandatory prison time of 10 years minimum should help to jar their memory.

If a drunk driver gets into an accident, and kills someone they will be found guilty, and do time behind bars. Someone who is mentally impaired by alcohol will be publicly crucified because they should have known better than to drive drunk.

Someone who is coherent, and not impaired just made a simple mistake when they forget a child in a vehicle. According to the law anyway.

Your child is not an unfortunate happenstance. If you put your child in the vehicle, it is your responsibility to take them back out again.

Leaving a child to suffer and die in a vehicle, is cold blooded murder, but what do I know I am just a total Loser… Right?

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