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About Total Losers Guide:

Every story has a beginning, and a journey into the future.

I remember reading a quote many years ago, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

I thank my former self every day for the life I live today.

Today I live in Thailand. I retired here at the age of 48. The direct result of actions taken by my 24 year old self a half a lifetime ago.

Retired in Thailand at the ripe old age of 48. Not bad for a Total Loser I would say.

I also have to thank a former co-worker, an old man named Jim. Jim taught me about investing, and building my wealth, over spending money foolishly on junk I don’t need that will never grow in value. Thanks Jim, where ever you are.

I will share with you here tidbits of wisdom based on things that I learned after a lifetime of epic mistakes. What better way to learn than to fail miserably?

After a failure brush yourself off, and find the right way to win the game.

Enjoy a Total Loser’s Guidance.

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