Overcoming a Broken Heart:

What can be said about a broken heart other than it hurts.

Overcoming a Broken Heart

Take it from a total loser, the pain of a broken heart drives the sales of alcohol up far greater than any sporting event ever could hope to.

Music often dominates us, and guides our thinking. Singers and song writers create masterful love songs both good and bad based on their own experiences, and we the listeners of their music take the songs they wrote and personify them to fit our own situations.

Sinead O’Connor has been in the news lately for her decision to become Muslim, as if it is anybody else’s business what she decides to do with her life. She has been referred to as the, “Nothing compares to you singer.”

Nothing compares to you was one of the greatest broken heart love songs of that era. Anybody listening to that song who felt the pain of a broken heart understands her pain.

You could hear the pain in her voice as she sings it, and in the video you can see the tears rolling down her face, and feel her pain. Prince the performer who wrote this song made the right decision to pick Sinead to sing it.

Another great love song from that era was, “Right here waiting for you.” by Richard Marx. This song went in the other direction, and was positive and uplifting.

Going back in time from there we have, “Love Hurts” by Nazareth. That was a song many of us can relate to, even here in the present.

Here in the present a popular broken heart love song climbing the charts is, “Let her go it’ll be alright” by Dean Lewis

There are so many more songs worth mentioning, but everyone has their own taste in music, and everyone embraces the song that relates to their own situation the most, but we all understand in our own way their meaning.

Sometimes what we believe to be love is actually just attachment. We allow ourselves to become attached to, and cling to someone whom we think will give us something that is missing in our lives.

When the relationship ends we feel empty inside and lost. We all envision in our minds what we believe is the perfect partner for us. When the law of attraction brings that person into our lives we feel blessed, and we feel the euphoric happiness that this dream lover brings into our lives.

Sometimes the universe is just playing a cruel joke on us, and the relationship ends just as we reach the peak of our love that we feel for the person of our dreams.

Perhaps that only happens to us Total Losers.

Total Loser or not we all know the pain a broken heart causes us. Trying to let go of the one you love causes great pain. It is unlike any other pain imaginable. It eats us up inside.

We have all seen meme’s, or read text posts about what true pain is. They all make me laugh. I will tell you from the point of view of a Total Loser what true pain is…

Imagine if you will that you are staying in a hotel, or condo on the 23rd floor of a high rise complex. You have consumed a large amount of alcohol to drink the pain of your broken heart away. You sit there overthinking about the girlfriend you just lost.

You get up, and then step out onto your balcony, and look down upon the village below you that looks so very tiny from your vantage point. Buses look like match sticks as they drive by below you.

You stand there looking down upon the ground so very far below you with tears flowing down your face wondering what you did wrong. You think to yourself, I loved her so much. I treated her well. Why did I lose her?

You can only think of one way to overcome the pain of your broken heart:

You think, I know how to make the pain stop. All I have to do is jump. You know that the chances of survival after hitting the ground from this height is absolute zero. Your mind is clouded by the alcohol, and all you can think about is a short term solution to your broken heart.

You fight a battle inside of your head. One thought overwhelmed by pain tells you to do it, the other thought weakly tells you no…

That is true pain my friend. (Listen to the side that tells you no!)

Your broken heart hurts but eventually the pain will subside, you will overcome it, let go, and move on.

The first thing that you will want to do is block her on social media, you don't need to see what she is doing, or saying. If you want a wound to heal, you must stop touching it. Avoiding any contact is an important step in overcoming a broken heart.

Yes, this will only prolong the pain that you are suffering, but it will also bring you closure in the end.

When you are ready to let go, and move on you must change your thinking, let go of your attachment, and move on.

Like the mighty Phoenix rising up from the ashes of despair, radiating pure light as it grows stronger, and more powerful than it ever was before; you must also rise from your heartbroken state of depression. You must… You WILL rise, and grow stronger than you were before.

You must stop punishing yourself, and accept that it was not your fault. If it was not meant to be, than there is a universal reason for why that relationship didn’t work out for you. Have trust that the reason it didn’t work out for you was put in place to protect you.

You had a habit of spending time with, regularly talking to, and thinking about the one you loved. The end of your relationship, and the end of your habit caused you pain.

This pain may have caused you to drink alcohol or engage in many other bad habits, and punish yourself for no reason. If that is the case than you must break free from that habit by starting a new habit that drives you to better yourself, and reach your full potential.

You must start a new habit to forget your old habit. Focus your attention on eating healthier, and getting exercise. If you think about drinking beer/alcohol every night, and you do it, than you will feel sad and weak the next day. Nobody wants to love a sad alcoholic.

The best cure for a broken heart is finding somebody new. If you want to find someone new let go of your attachment to your ex. Stop punishing yourself. Be healthy and strong. Go to the gym, take your vitamins, creatine, and protein supplements.

All things are impermanent, even your relationship with the one you love. Let her go, and you will overcome your broken heart.

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