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Total Loser's Guide to Dating and Relationships:

Women are still one of the great mysteries of the universe. John Gray wrote a timeless classic in 1992 about relationships called, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex

Men, us Total Loser’s in particular continue to make mistakes in our relationships with women. Sometimes these mistakes bring a permanent end to our relationship, and a long lasting heartache.

May us Martian’s grow to learn the fallacy of the wisdom of the Venusian’s, whom we so robustly crave, so that we may learn the error of their ways, and avoid an unpleasant end to our love for them.

Dating and relationships are complex subjects. Even the best among us falter sometimes when trying to successfully navigate, and comprehend human interactions, and human emotions.

Nobody has failed, and learned from these failures more times than a loser. So let a Total Loser guide you on this complex subject.

Enjoy our Total Losers Guides articles about Dating and Relationships below.

Overcoming A Broken Heart

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