Social Distancing:

We all need to practice social distancing in order to help stop the spread of the virus.

Social Distancing

Currently We are in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic. Although this pandemic is new and worrisome to those of us here on earth today, humans that have been here on earth in the past have with absolute certainty experienced pandemics throughout history.

Every 100 years or so we have a pandemic that spreads like wildfire. Due to human’s inborn desire to bond with and maintain close relationships with other people we will quickly and easily spread contagious viruses among the populace unless we practice social distancing.

What is social distancing?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that we practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of six feet (two meters) from others, and avoiding crowded places. Learn more about the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing.. here

I am an American living in Bangkok. Recently I had to go to immigration to renew my visa. The personal at immigration were doing an outstanding job of social distancing.

They were not only requiring people to wear masks before entering the immigration building, everyone also had their temperature checked as well. Upon entering immigration I saw every other seat had an X on it indicating that you were not allowed to sit there.

After successfully completing my tasks at immigration and receiving a new one year permitted to stay until stamp I exited the building, and located the nearest taxi for the ride home.

I told the taxi driver that I wanted to go to BTS Mo Chit, and he responded with a head nod as if to say, “Yes, I will take you there. Get in my cab.”

I got into his cab, and the first thing that he did was turn around towards me with a bottle of hand sanitizer and said, “Please use… Safety.”

I gladly accepted his offer for a squirt of hand sanitizer after touching chairs and doors as well as other items that hundreds of other people there have also touched.

He then said, “After Mo Chit where you go?”

I told him that I was going to take the sky train back to the station near my condo.

He responded, “BTS no safety, better go taxi condo you.”

I foolishly replied, “No, there is too much traffic. I think the BTS will be faster.”

He just continued to drive while I watched the scenery go by.

I will have to admit that it took my brain a good five minutes to register what he said to me. He was telling me that the sky train will be packed, and social distancing will be impossible.

I told him he was right, and had him take me to my condo instead. Even though it was more expensive, it was safer than a train packed full of people where social distancing wasn’t an option.

Why do we need to practice social distancing?

According to Doctor John Campbell from the UK, the transmission characteristics of the Novel Corona virus allow it to be spread through droplets from our breath, through coughing, and from sneezing.

According to Dr. John when we breathe infected people can spread the virus simply by exhaling or talking for up to six feet (two meters).

When infected people cough they can spread droplets of the virus for five or six meters which is nineteen feet for us Americans and when they sneeze those coronavirus droplets can go out for seven to eight meters which is 23 to 26 feet.

Doctor John has a great YouTube channel. Check out his video about potential droplet infection below.

I have learned in life that different people learn better by different methodologies. For those of you who learn better by example I offer you this apologue to satisfy your curiosity.

Imagine now that you are making another journey to the grocery store since it is one of the few places that are still open, and you are bored at home.

Somebody else that you have never seen that was in the store just before you had the same idea. This person had a slight cough and the sniffles, but believed it was nothing serious.

He was in the mood for some cookies, and as he was approaching the cookies he had a coughing spell causing him to cover his mouth with his hand. He then reached for a package of Chips Ahoy cookies. After thinking for a moment he decides to put them back on the shelf, and get Oreos instead.

The next item on his list was juice. As he got near the juice he had the sudden uncontrollable urge to sneeze, and send droplets out covering a wide berth across the juice section with his virus.

Now you come into the store to pick up some things for your family. You first grab a package of Chips Ahoy cookies, your daughter’s favorite. After grabbing the same package of cookies the sick person placed back on the shelf your hand instinctively rubs your dry eyes.

Then you remember you need some juice to keep your family healthy.

On your way over to the juice section you encounter a random extroverted stranger who is feeling lonely, and disregarding social distancing wants to engage you in conversation.

He appears to be healthy, but he is one of those who have very mild symptoms if any and doesn’t even know he is infected and spreading the virus. He is very outgoing and has a boisterous laugh spreading droplets of the virus out as he does.

Social distancing is important, but it may not be enough. It would be wise to clean your groceries off when you get home as well.

You can practice social distancing best by staying home with family.

Think of it as a great opportunity to bond with your family.

Practice Social Distancing by enjoying Game Night with family at home.

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