Creative Visualization:

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that will guide us towards our dreams, and goals.

Creative Visualization

We all have dreams, goals, aspirations, and visions for how we want our lives to be, and how we envision our futures to unfold.

According to Embracing Nirvana it is our Monkey Mind that jumps around focusing on various random thoughts, both on regrets about the past, and worries about the future that distract us from the present, and from our dreams and visions for our perfect life.

Through creative visualization, we can help direct our thoughts in the present away from the antics of our monkey minds, and towards the dreams we have for ourselves for our future.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is using the power of your mind to create highly detailed images about the life and future that you desire for yourself.

Buddha said, ‘What we think, we become.”

It is a universal truth that we can influence our reality in the present, and in the future as well through our thoughts. We attract to ourselves that which we think about the most.

If we always focus our attention completely on our problems, guess what we will bring into our lives? That is right, more problems will develop in our lives. If we focus on our dreams, and take action to fulfill them, than we will see the fruition of our dreams.

The first thing you must do is have a clear and concise plan, and a goal of what you want to achieve. If your mindset is as lackadaisical as your monkey minds whimsical forte, than your objective will all be for naught.

If we enter into the Hypnagogic State of Enlightenment our endeavors through creative visualization will be effortless.

The hypnagogic state is halfway between the dream state, and our normal state of wakefulness. When we are in the hypnagogic state, and conscious of it, than we can truly influence our destiny.

It is in this state that we are ready to visualize our dreams, and see them manifest in our reality.

We shall begin by relaxing both our minds, and our bodies. Begin by sitting, or lying down in a comfortable spot. Focus your attention now on your breathing. Let go of your thoughts, your worries, and just breathe.

Focus your attention on your breathing. Think about your breath. Feel the healthy air and positive energy entering into your lungs as you inhale, and the negative energy leaving your body as you exhale.

Think about your toes as you breathe. Feel a tingly sensation over coming them as it slowly moves into your foot. Let that sensation grow, as it envelops your legs and moves higher and higher up your body.

When you are completely relaxed breathing in and out, and your body is encompassed by a relaxing sensation then you are ready to create your future.

Begin by visualizing what you want to achieve in your life. Use your imagination to hold the image in your mind’s eye of how you want your life to unfold.

Perhaps you desire objects of a physical nature such as your dream car. Maybe your passion is for the ideal job, or your vision of the perfect spouse. Let’s be honest most of us want all three.

If that is the case, you can make it happen. The primary belief with creative visualization is that by focusing our thoughts on what we want in our inner world, we can cause them to manifest in our outer world.

Not only must we visualize our goals and aspirations, we must allow ourselves to feel the emotions associated with them as well.

When we feel the same emotions now in the present that we will experience upon the realization of that which we desire to manifest, we will cast more energy into the universe to create that which we desire.

Through creative visualization not only will we attract circumstances, and events into our lives, we will also attract others into our lives that will assist us in creating our dreams and desires as well.

We send energy out into the universe when we are relaxed, and we focus our thoughts solitarily on our desire, and see the end result in our minds eye. Energy flows where attention goes.

All things are just energy and vibrations. The seemingly solid objects around us, and even our physical bodies are all made from atoms. It is no surprise that through the energy of our thoughts we can affect the world around us.

The Law of attraction teaches that, “Thoughts become things.”

My own endeavors, and experiences with creative visualization have produced positive results. I initiate the process by getting into a meditative state, and focusing on my objectives, and then it begins to happen…

It starts off as a light green ball of light. This ball of light expands like a puff of smoke as it moves away from me, but it does not do so uniformly.

As it moves off into the universe the center becomes empty, hollow, as it grows in a somewhat oval shape with the green light still visible around the hollow center.

While this thought energy is drifting away out into the universe, a new green ball of light is forming right behind it with similar results. There are always several of these thought forms visible before the first one disappears from view.

This will continue for as long as I focus my attention on the vision that I am attempting to create, and manifest for my future. If I get distracted for even a brief moment it completely stops, and I must start over again.

I don’t know if these green waves of thought energy happens to many others, or any others, but it rings true from my perspective.

You must believe that your dreams, and your visualizations are happening in the present moment. See them as being real here in the present moment.

Take action to achieve your desires. Don’t just visualize your goals. Visualization sets the ball in motion to make your dreams come true, but as powerful as creative visualization is in creating change, and attracting your dreams into your life. Action from you is still needed to accomplish your goals.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be genuinely thankful to the universe for the manifestation of that which you visualized in the past.

Be equally grateful for the fruition of your current creative visualizations, as that gratefulness affirms that you trust, and know with certainty that the universe will grant your wish.

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